Umbrella ConsultoresAsesoría legal para obtención de predios rurales bajo Esquemas Socialmente Responsables


Who are we?

Umbrella is a consulting firm which focuses on legal and social issues regarding the acquisition of property of land required to develop projects under socially responsible standards. That means that we foster fare trades and that our negotiations respect international human rights standards.

Why choosing Umbrella?

We know that some companies make great efforts to develop socially responsible projects. This is why we want to help them minimize the risk of their investment by taking care of the legal and procedure issues, as well as by making efficient negotiations with the owners of the land in which they are planning to develop their project.

Our method

Our method involves the implementation of legal strategies as well as professional negotiation with the owners of the lands. We have come to realize that even when an adequate legal strategy is a fundamental aspect of the success of this kind of projects, this strategy alone is usually not enough to guarantee the possession of the lands in the period of time and at the costs required by the investor. Social problems may as well increase considerably the budget contemplated for this purpose.

In most of the cases projects fail or are delayed during the process of negotiation with rural owners of land. With this in mind we have developed a negotiation protocol to obtain land with our team of lawyers, communication theorists, and sociologists. Our method of negotiation, as well as the experience of our team in these matters, increase considerably our cases of success.